It makes me unhappy. Coelen stated, “I’m not upset about it.” Although Deepti wasn’t able to get the happy ending she desired, it is not something that I regret. Deepti has said that the experience has made her a better person and that I can be happy for that. Her happiness is mine. If Shake doesn’t, I hope he will.

Coelen says that it is impossible for someone so extreme to end up on the show.

“We certainly vet people, and we do psychological testing—we do background checks and all of that—but we want to invite a broad array of people into the pods,” he suggested. Consider that I was suspicious of someone who is a chauvinist and a jerk. This is not a decision I make. If you look at Shake and Deepti, Deepti chose Shake—I didn’t choose Shake for her. It’s so reflective of reality that she picked him.