Being an Olympian requires training, talent, focus and determination—and those same skills are required of the actors looking to portray their stories onscreen.

Countless films have told sports stars’ stories over the years—some coming out victorious and some not getting the glory. 

A lot of movie fans are enjoying re-watching some favorite films in anticipation for the Beijing Winter Olympics, scheduled to take place in just a few weeks. Get in on the action! The games begin with the opening ceremony on Friday, Feb. 4 and end with the closing ceremony on Sunday, Feb 20. So, there’s still plenty of time to binge-watch the classics—just make sure to pace yourself. 

CelebHomes News can help you navigate the process of movie selection. Look below to find a list celebrities that absolutely deserve the gold medal because of their portrayals Olympic heroes. Grab your friends and family, then grab some popcorn.