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HBO airs Sunday Night Terrorist Program. Euphoria There is so much to discuss in this episode. From the partying, to the drama, to the love triangles, each episode has a lot to unpack.

It is impossible to predict what you will see when you are watching EuphoriaHowever, there’s one constant about each episode: fashion is always current. Each character has their own distinct style, which is often reflective of their storylines. We’ve seen a lot of this season. Sydney SweeneyCassie Howard, Cassie’s character completely transformed her appearance. One day, Cassie showed up looking like a clone of Maddy Perez in a matching, two-piece set, and then she wore an ensemble that reminded the other characters of the play Oklahoma

Only a handful of episodes remain in Season 2. EuphoriaThere are, however. There are so manyThese are some styles you should check out. We looked for the outfits from the episodes and even found some affordable alternatives.