You can expect your heart to take a few turns!
As the 2022 Beijing Olympics continue to have viewers on the edge of their seats (or couches), fans have also been enjoying watching their favorite athletes’ heartwarming reactions to their wins—and loses. If you didn’t catch it, don’t worry. We are here to help you when you miss the most important moments.
Take, for instance, when silver medalist Manuel Fettner of Team Austria literally jumped for joy—and gave us not just one, but TwoAfter the Men’s Normal Hill Individual Final Round, there were many golden replies.

China deserves a shoutout. Wu DajingAfter they won the gold medal in the short track speed skating relay, the team threw their fists in the air to celebrate. Believe it or not, Dajing edged out Italy’s Pietro Sighel by just .016 seconds—so victory was well earned, indeed.