Rosie encouraged other mothers to listen to their gut instincts, and to not be too concerned about “other people’s opinions.” Rosie acknowledged that her mom is “sobbing,” but she will still ask her to give her advice.

She said, “I believe you do. You lean on your grandmother’s or mother’s advice. Older women who have gone through it.” The support, camaraderie, and like I received from my women was unlike anything else. This is an amazing bond between mothers.

Rosie and Jason, 54, first met in 2009. They were walking the Red Carpet at 2016’s Golden Globes when they confirmed their engagement.

In 2018, Rosie told More that marriage was “not a huge priority” for herself and the Hobbs & Shaw star. She said, “I believe the time will come.” Jack arrived because of our long-standing focus on work.