When it comes to the drama—and theatrics—the cast of Temptation IslandIt is not a waste of time.

The women weep at the end of episode 2 because they had to tell their boyfriends goodbye for the duration of their island stay. Gillian tells the cast that she wants “something to hug and something to cuddle”; it is almost like a code word. This triggers single men to get swarmy and demand drinks.

It’s all about the debauchery. Gillian then shows Tommy the promise ring Edgar gave to her when he cheats. Her explanation is that “I don’t know if it’ll stay on me.” And it’s no surprise, that, come the next day—and the first date selection—Gillian selects Tommy. Edgar said that Tommy looked stupid after he chose Melissa as his date. 

Iris is asking George to marry her, while Luke takes the “Mrs. Juicy.” Ashley chooses Mike while Lascelles selects Trace. Ashley calls Trace her “twin”, someone Ashley refers to as having a “cute and tall model appearance.”