Geena Davis won’t be headed back to the small screen after all.

Davis, who won an Oscar for 1991’s Thelma & Louise, It has abruptly dropped out of an untitled upcoming CBS legal drama pilot, according to Deadline

Her star was to be alongside Skylar AstinThe show is a mother-son drama that follows “Todd(Astin),” a gifted but uninstructive P.I. who is his black sheep. “Despite their differing personalities, he accepts to serve as an in-house investigator for Joan, Joan’s overbearing mother. Joan is a well-respected attorney still reeling from her recent divorce.” Deadline.

Joan was, as you probably guessed, supposed to have been played by Geena. 

This outlet reported that the show was filming for only a few days prior to Geena’s abrupt departure.

Geena will be playing the role of Geena in her first television starring role since 2005. Commander In ChiefShe was nominated for an Emmy Award for her song, “The Girl in the Window”, Since then, she has also had lengthy guest spots on Grey’s Anatomy and GLOWAs well as an additional turn in 2016’s adaptation The Exorcist.

Geena’s disappearance is still unknown.