Sorry, Walking Dead fans: we have some unfortunate news.

A spin-off series of the post-apocalyptic horror hit, which follows Daryl Carol—played by Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride, respectively—has been in the works at AMC. But in a change of events, it was reported on April 27 that McBride has exited the project due to “logistical” issues.

Melissa McBride is a popular character who has made one of the most fascinating, authentic, and human characters in history. The Walking DeadTVLine reported that a spokesperson for the network said this in a statement. She was not able to join the earlier announced spinoff focusing on Carol Peletier’s characters Daryl Dixon, Carol Peletier. The show will air in Europe next summer.

Then they said, “Melissa’s decision to move to Europe was made impossible by logistical considerations.” Although we are sure that fans will be disappointed, this is the truth. The Walking DeadUniverse is continuing to expand and grow in fascinating ways. We are very excited to see Carol once again in the future.