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Play the song It Will Always Be (An Everlasting Loving)Grab your cardigans and get out there! The newest trend in preppy-chic fashion is called Coastal Grandmother. This style will be perfect for summer’s beach parties and elegant dinner parties. 

As a romantic comedy connoisseur myself, I could never quite put my finger on why any movie with Diane Keaton or Meryl Streep in a fabulous button down linen blouse was such a comfort to me until I came across Lex Nicoleta’s TikToks.

Similar to influencer Tinx’s Rich Mom Energy, Lex coined the term “Coastal Grandmother.” This trend refers to anything that captures the preppy, chic beach vibes seen in movies such as “Coastal Grandmother.” You have to give something!, It is complicatedPlease see the following: The Tuscan Sun. To become a Coastal Grandmother you do not have to be the grandmother of someone. Imagine Diane Keaton walking on the beaches in a pair of bucket hats and trousers, or Meryl Steep planting in a blue button-down. You can easily aspire for such chic, glamorous looks. 

Lex also sites Reese Witherspoon and Oprah as real-life Coastal Grandmothers. Cardigans, which are an important part of the trend, could also be attributed to Taylor Swift. 

You’ve reached the right place if you can picture yourself in a cardigan and a crochet bucket cap, sipping Chardonnay or tea, while gazing out at your beach home surrounded by hydrangeas. Below are 19 options for a Coastal Grandmother’s spring or summer wardrobe.