This peeler is highly recommended by Amazon buyers.

“Just wow. In a matter of minutes, I was able to peel two apples bags. A typical project that takes an hour for my arthritis-prone hands, it took me just five minutes with this one,” a customer stated.

Another said, “Coolest. Kitchen. Gadget. Ever. This thing is a hit! This is the best kitchen gadget I have at the moment. Works fantastic. Makes peeling potatoes fun! This little treasure will always be with me if I get drafted to the Army. Highly recommended.

Amazon customer shared the following: “Cuts waste time. I love it! It is lightweight and very easy to use. It’s light and easy to use. I had a problem with peeling potatoes using a potato-peeling machine. It is fine and gets you the skin in just seconds.

“I have owned it for approximately 5 years. It’s still strong. It is still going strong,” said a long-time supporter of the product.

A second shopper stated, “We love our Rotato Express.” It was 3 years old when we first purchased it. Since then, we have used it to cook so many vegetables and fruits. It has been used for 5 of our children’s vegetables and fruit, as well as being a gift at weddings or other events. I was asked by an elderly neighbor to make some Pear preserves. He brought me a 5-gallon bucket, and promised to help me peal the fruits. The Rotato Express was ready in no time and we were done within 15 minutes. It was amazing and he asked me to get him another. It saves me time and cuts down on my fingers. It’s a great tool that will make you a happier cook.

Surprisingly it is not a scam. It’s amazing. It is so amazing, and it’s so much fun! “It takes approximately 20 seconds to peel large potatoes,” said a customer, admittedly stunned.

A third person stated, “Wishes I’d bought this long ago.” It was in great, brand new packaging when it arrived just a few days before. To test the product tonight, I purchased a bag full of candied lemon peels. Each lemon is easily cut into beautiful, long, and intact strands in a matter of seconds. This was a tedious task that took hours to do by hand. It only took a couple of minutes for prep and cleanup.