Eloise gets furious that Penelope suddenly got married. In the story, she starts a pen pal relationship with Phillip. Phillip just lost Marina (Eloise’s cousin) and begins writing to Eloise.

Eloise, one of the best series characters, is there? She goes to his country home to meet his children and has some great stuff. But the story might take a new direction. Marina, a Featherington relative who finds out her husband has been killed in combat is shown on screen. Phillip arrives at Marina’s house to inform her and proposes to marry her. At the end of season one, we saw them riding off in a carriage together. Season two saw Marina telling Colin she was happy about her decision to wed Phillip.

It’s unclear what Eloise’s plan is. It’s not clear. couldEloise currently is 17 years old and won’t be married until she turns 28. Marina is in a very dark future, which we don’t know if we want.