Madlyn BallatoriShe has ruled out the possibility that her baby was aboard while she was filming Ultimatum.

By revealing herself, the Netflix star clarified time-line questions for fans Just the right wedding date to husband Colby Kissinger. “For clarity, Colby and I were married 5.13.2021 and will have our baby in the next two weeks,” she clarified on Instagram, adding that Ultimatum began production in March 2021 and the reunion filmed in February 2022. 

She added “A.K.A.” to clarify it for those who may have become overwhelmed by all the mathematics. Filming was not done while pregnant

Madlyn and Colby also told CelebHomes News in an exclusive interview that they were pregnant “three months” after filming ended. Madlyn stated that the show had ended in May. “I got pregnant in August.”

She added, “We are taking on the world together.” “We could not be happier.”

Ultimatum tested Madlyn and Colby’s relationship by tasking them to embark on a three-week trial marriage with someone else. Madlyn was paired with a co-star Randall GriffinColby and Colby shared their three-weeks together April Marie. After reuniting, the pair got married in the season one finale.