Warning! This article contains spoilersThe Ultimatum.

That was okay. a lot.

Netflix season oneUltimatum has officially come to an end. We saw many things, including the joy and sorrow, as well as the numerous cowboy hats. There were also breakups, engagements, and even a marriage. But that was then—where are the couples now? It could be that the answer is not what you expect.

Ultimatum season one followed six couples—Madlyn BallatoriAnd Colby KissingerAlexis MaloneyAnd Hunter ParrShanique ImariAnd Randall GriffinNate RugglesAnd Lauren Pounds, April MarieAnd Jake CunninghamAnd Rae WilliamsAnd Zay Wilson—on the verge of marriage, but one wasn’t ready yet. The partner with wedding fever issued an ultimatum, and in eight weeks, the couples had to decide whether they would commit to marriage or move on—potentially with someone else on the show!

Throughout the season, we saw Hunter and Nate proposing to Alexis and Lauren, respectively; Madlyn and Colby getting married on the spot; Randall and Shanique getting engaged, and Jake breaking up with April before confessing his feelings for Rae.