After calling the alleged footage a “great personal NFT,” Wack100 made it clear that he would hand over the material only to Ye. He said, “We don’t have the right to put it out there in public like that.” “It’d be disrespectful.”

Of course, these comments quickly made headlines, reaching even the iPad of Kim and Kanye’s 6-year-old, Saint West, who saw a clickbait article on Roblox about the allegations but didn’t understand it. Kim said, “Had I been a bit older and had been able read, it would’ve mortified me.” Kardashians confessional. “But inside I died.”

Kim ordered Marty to “scare the s–t” out of Wack100, as she was ready to sue for “nominal damages.” Marty said to TMZ, Sept. 18, (around the time that this episode is recorded), “The claim there is an unreleased sextape is unequivocally false.” This is not a good thing. People make such statements in order to claim their fame.