You can always go back to Hub.

Hazel Green, performed by Cristin MiliotiHerbert Green’s daughter, tries to rescue her father by returning to The Hub, a high-tech palace. Ray RomanoIn the trailer for season 2 of For Love, premiering April 28 on HBO Max.

In the show’s first season, Hazel was on the run from her billionaire husband Byron Gogol, played by Billy Magnussen. She discovered that her ex-tech bro had implanted a Made For Love Chip in her brain which allowed him to track and mine her emotions. After that, she fled to her desert home with her dad and her synthetic girlfriend Diane, who is basically a high tech sex doll.

The second season sees Hazel return to The Hub for a specific reason. 

In the trailer, she says to Byron that her dad’s battle with cancer is what brought me here. We’ll be leaving when he gets better.

Hazel is told by Byron that in order for The Hub’s positive effects to be realized, the couple must stay 12 weeks. They will need to pretend they are still a married couple.