He might not be starting a new music career, but he is. Brad PittThe relationship between the Swedish musician and’s Lykke Li is purely platonic.  

Despite reports that the pair were recently spotted together, a source tells CelebHomes News the two friends have actually not hung out together for quite some time. Sources say that Lykke Li and Brad haven’t even been to see each other for years.

A second insider close to Brad told CelebHomes News that, “She’s a friend. Her personality is unique and interesting.

As for their dynamic, the second insider adds, “He enjoys learning different things from her. Although they have been friends for a while, they are still close. 

Lykke Li, real name Li Lykke Timotej ZachrissonThe first is not the best. Once Upon A Time, Hollywood Brad’s friends are being swept up with dating rumors by their female colleagues. Brad was rumored to be dating in 2019, according to reports. Arrested Development Star Alia Shawkat after they were spotted at an art gallery together in Los Angeles, which similarly turned out to false.