You are like your mother! 

Charlize Theron gave a glimpse at her family life on Thursday, Jan. 27, with a new pic of her two daughters Jackson10 andAugust, 7. This Instagram photo clearly showed that the family is passionate about nature. BombshellStar captured her daughter and grandma on a walk in the woods with them (the actress’ mother, Gerda). 

Charlize wasn’t there, but Gerda held Jackson’s arm and wore a tie dye set. Like any explorer, she knew it’s all about having the right accessories—in this case, wearing a campfire hat and carrying a walking stick for their outdoor adventure. August wore light denim shorts with a white shirt and was dressed in a white top during family bonding.

Charlize (46), shared the photo to honor Gerda’s Birthday. She wrote, “I wanted all of you to share her because everyone who knows her knows how amazing it is to stand in her sunshine. She is LIFE.