There are few things more detrimental to a brand today than having no online presence. Consequently, most have developed apps to help expand their online influence. Although that’s not to say that all brand apps are made equal. Here are some of the top rated apps and some of the factors that led to their rise. 

Chick-fil-a is the most well reviewed restaurant app today on the App Store. What puts it above the others? There are a few key factors. First and foremost the perks system. Restaurant apps need a reason to be used over simply going in person or using alternatives like DoorDash. The most common and easiest reason to keep people on an app is free food. 

If people use the app they get rewards. This is used by other top rated apps like Chipotle and McDonalds as well. Even outside of food, travel apps like Fly Delta and United Airlines offer similar systems. Yet not all do, so what else puts one app above another? Another prominent factor is design.

In shopping apps, for example, it’s vital to have a usable and engaging app. If I’m trying to find a certain item, it better be easy to do so. The top rated shopping app, Etsy, knows this principle well. Etsy offers countless categories and items, but they’re easy to navigate. Even in non-shopping apps like Lyft, it’s essential to have a usable and simple UI.

These are the top reviewed apps and what got them to that place. Of course for apps like McDonalds there was already an established popularity which undoubtedly helps. Yet for others like Etsy, Lyft, and Shein, this isn’t the case. This just goes to show the importance of a well designed loyalty rewards app.

How Do Consumers Rate the Top Loyalty Rewards Apps