The global real estate industry is complex and versatile. Each market is different. Depending on how much money the investor must spend and where they want to purchase property, the price is in many ways decided for them. This is primarily when you restrict yourself to the country you live in. 

When you zoom out and consider the properties that you can purchase abroad, the opportunities open up. Whether you are looking for Nassau Bahamas oceanfront real estate or a home in French wine country, there are plenty of luxury properties around the world. However, every country has its own currency, economy, and real estate market. When you are interested in luxury real estate, below are the top countries to buy expensive properties.


As far as Western Europe goes, Portugal is the most under-the-radar country for property investments. It has one of the most favorable markets to buy in Europe. It has all the romance, history, culture, and allure of other European countries without being overrun by tourists. For some reason, Portugal gets overlooked compared to Italy, France, Greece, and its neighbor Spain. However, if you are looking to invest in luxury properties that will continue to rise in price, Portugal is tough to beat.


Singapore isn’t a cheap place to live or to buy property, but if you are working with enough money to purchase real estate in this tiny island nation in the South Pacific, you can make a return. There are plenty of wealthy people who live in Singapore and plenty more moving to the country to take advantage of its favorable business atmosphere. Luxury properties are big in Singapore. When you want to invest in Asia, Singapore is at the top of the list when it comes to the wealthy class of the continent.


Another country in Asia that is good for luxury investments is Japan. Japan has one of the largest real estate markets in the world despite having a fraction of the land and people as countries like Russia, China, and the United States. There is tons of business done in Japan. Whether you want to buy a luxury apartment for when you travel to Japan for business or want to make money on the incredible Tokyo property market, Japan is a great place to invest in luxury. The Japanese like nice things. You can invest enough in a great property to make a return.


Our neighbor to the north should not be overlooked when it comes to luxury property. The cities of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal are great cities with a lot of business and people living there. Canadians want luxury homes too. If you want to invest in a real estate market abroad but don’t want to go too far, Canada could be the place for you. Whether you want to move there, rent out the property to travelers, or buy wholesale real estate, Canada shouldn’t be dismissed when it comes to luxury property.


Argentina is the second wealthiest nation in South America, and it has plenty of regions that the rich love. Buenos Aires is exceedingly romantic, but you will have even more luck in Mendoza and Argentine Patagonia. Mendoza is a famous wine region where people from Italy and France have even come to produce great wines. The wealthy love the landscape of this wine country. You could invest in a beautiful home with a lot of land in the wine region. On the other hand, Patagonia is a region that won’t allow many people to live there. This is because it is being preserved, but if you can afford to buy some land in the rugged landscape, it will never disappoint.  

When it comes to luxury properties, it is about set and setting. Where are these people making their money? And where do they want to spend it? You don’t have to invest in a big city like Tokyo to buy luxury property, but you should be mindful of the rich and their lifestyle. Whatever approach you take, going abroad to invest in luxury property will pay off. You might find yourself falling in love with the destination. Whether you are trying to rent out a vacation home to wealthy people or want to renovate a property in a great area, think about investing abroad.