Her concerns vanished when she heard the positive news. “I passed!” Kim screamed. “Wait! “Wait! 

Kim broke into tears when North began to compliment her mother in the backseat. It was so true, Kim. 

Kim and North had a special mother-daughter moment, as they shared another sweet moment together. They high-fived one another before heading into the restaurant for their final meal. “High five!” Kim cheered. Kim cheered. Are you a fan of Cheddar bay biscuits?

Kim previously confirmed that she had passed the Baby Bar in a December Instagram post. 

“For anyone who doesn’t know my law school journey, know this wasn’t easy or handed to me,” she wrote in part. “I failed the exam three times, but I kept trying until it was over. “I had COVID, a 104 fever on my third attempt. I am not making excuses. 

Kim also mentioned that her late father, an attorney, was also a notable contributor. Robert KardashianShe said that he would have been proud of her, and she “would’ve been my best friend to study with.” He was infamous for laughing at people who fail on the first try, she said, and he would have been my greatest cheerleader!” 

After that, the future lawyer concluded, “Bottom Line is never lose heart even though you seem to be hanging on by one thread. You can do it !!!!!.” You will feel sooooooooo good when you reach the other side if your mind is set on it.