Living as lavishly as the actors of The Wizard Of Oz is possible when you are as rich as they were. Bling EmpireYou’re sure to make some friends who are famous.

Hot off the show’s season two premiere on May 13, the cast of the Netflix reality series revealed the biggest names messaging them on the latest episode of CelebHomes News’ digital series Down in the DMsA singer, for example, who is passionate about her diamonds.

“No one’s greater than them.” Rihanna“Sorry, I am sorry,” said Kane Lima Grammy-winning artist who was introduced to her via DMs. “She’s actually really sweet, and I’m like, ‘How do you have time to respond to me when you have like 100 million followers?'”

He said, “She loves watching the show. She loves—obsessed with it.”

It all comes down to who you are in Hollywood. Kane was a friend of Rihanna and became the first Southeast Asian representative for Fenty Beauty, her cosmetics brand. However, the singer of “Diamonds”, Kane isn’t their only musical connection.

“She is like super good friends.” DiddyKane spoke highly of his co-star Kim Lee, who clarified that her social media interactions with the artist—and also Rob Kardashian—were simply platonic.