Creating a stylish home is something that many of us want to do. Having a space where you can relax, and forget about the worries of the day is extremely important for mental wellbeing.

Styling a home is very personal, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it, but there are some things that can add style to a house, and you can put your own flair to them, to make it uniquely yours.

Let’s have a look through some must have accessories that can really help to make a house into a cosy home.

Flower Filled Vases

Flowers really add that special something to your home, and make it feel very welcoming. Luckily flowers are available in almost every colour of the rainbow, so there will be an arrangement to complement your home.

Flowers are well known for their positive impact on mental health for both their pleasing aesthetic and for the wonderful scents they provide.

If you or someone in your household is allergic to flowers, there are many alternatives available, such as silk flowers, or succulents which both provide a beautiful addition to your house.

Regardless of what type of flowers you choose, you will need a vase to put them in. It is a good idea to have different sizes of vase depending on the flowers that you want, to make the arrangement look it’s best.

Vases come in different shapes, sizes and colours, so you can really match them to your home or your mood.

There are many flower subscriptions available now, so that you can always have a fresh supply, just be aware, if you have pets, that some flowers, such as lilies are poisonous.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are one of those things that are easy to overlook, but you realise, when you add them to your home, just how much style they add.

Soft furnishings are also available in many different colours and styles, so you can really match them to your own personal preferences.

So, what kinds of soft furnishings should you be looking at? Well, a great place to start is with decorative cushions or pillows. These can be added to your sofa, chairs and beds to add a sense of luxury.

Blankets are another easy way to add a sense of warmth and style to a room. They look beautiful along the back of the sofa, or easy chair, or spread across the bottom of the bed.

You can even make your cat or dog bed part of your interior styling. These are readily available in many different colours and styles to complement your home, from places such as

Whatever furnishings you decide to add, ensure the colours match or complement the rest of the room.

Wall Accessories

As with the rest of the accessories you are adding to your home, wall art is a very personal choice, so don’t let anyone else influence your choice.

A piece of art is chosen with a gut feeling, it is often said that art speaks to people, and that is certainly very true. Something that one person considers a wonderful piece of art may make another person grimace – but that doesn’t matter. 

Choose something that you like, and that complements the room it is going in, and you can’t go wrong.

Choosing something to put on your wall doesn’t necessarily have to be a painting, you can put up anything that calls to you.

Mirrors, clocks, wall hangings and shelves can all bring something to a room, and some things, such as mirrors, can even make a room feel larger.

Reading Material

Books can be a sort of art display in themselves, when arranged with a little bit of love and care.

You can have books in a bookcase, on shelves or on the coffee table and they will add another dimension of style to your home.

You can have the latest best sellers, or pick up some vintage books from a book sale, or have large, glossy books for the coffee table, whichever you choose, you will make an interesting display that will surely start a conversation with any visitors.

These have just been a few tips to help you add some style and personality to your home. However, it is important to remember that it is your home, and no matter what you see in magazines or at your friend’s house, you should style your home as you want, and it should reflect your personality.