This year’s Halloween essentials are: Tik-Tok inspired costumes, pumpkin-shaped candy, and the new trailer Servant.

Apple TV+ decided to go “treat” instead of “trick” this season, and released the bone chilling trailer for their new season three. ServantRight on time for the holiday. Executive producer of the thrilling series M. Night ShyamalanStarring Rupert Grint? Lauren Ambrose? Nell Tiger Free Toby KebbellThis film follows a couple in Philadelphia as they struggle to reconcile after an unimaginable tragedy.

The new trailer opens with a voice of logic. “It’s already been three months,” the voice states. “If they were going to come for your rest, wouldn’t you have already received them?”

But, even if they have drawn shades or locked doors, the mysterious force may still be present in their lives. Leanne panicked asks, “Why does the door remain open?”

We don’t really know but we think something strange is going.