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We waited for years for the day when the slipper would be accepted outside of the home. The slipper has finally been recognized as acceptable outside of the house. Gigi Hadi? Elsa HoskTikTok videos of Ugg’s Tazz Mule in action!

The Ugg classic black and chestnut colorways are available. The platform silhouette is covered in a luxurious rich suede with a lined UGGplush wool blend. The Tasman Slipper, which is still a classic, is the Tazz Mule, which is now the It Girl slipper. It doesn’t have to dress up your outfit. You can wear it with jeans for an easy off-duty look, as Elsa and Gigi demonstrated.

Scroll down to order the Tazz Mule to prove to mom that slippers can be worn outside. But hurry, it’s selling out quick!