Selling SunsetAlthough it may be O.G.

Netflix unveiled a trailer Sell the O.C.August 10, showing viewers the drama-filled spinoff. Previews hint at backstabbing, infidelity, and many outings to Orange County beaches. 

One storyline in particular is already turning heads—and not for a good reason. This newcomer seems to be a winner. Kayla Cardona makes a pass at her colleague Tyler StanalandShe is currently married to an actress Brittany Snow. He told others about his unwanted attention by saying that “She tried kissing me.”

Kayla is not mentioned by him in his trailer. However, another person does. Alexandra HallShe says that Kayla will be a good friend to a coworker, and an accomplice in a marriage. 

As Polly Brindle She shouts “Are f–king kidding?!” We wish we could be like you, girl.