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These hot girl walks don’t only provide a great way to get some exercise. These hot girl walks are turning into runways. Hot girls are often seen wearing their stylish activewear, oneies and tennis skirts when they’re out walking. What’s the hottest accessory? The overhead headphones. Overhead headphones. We have gone from AirPods, to wired headphones and are back to it. Girls everywhere love the retro-inspired look of these overhead headphones.

The AirPod Max headphones, which come in five stylish colors, are hot right now. The headphones have memory foam ear pads and spatial audio to create a theater-like experience. The headphones can be switched between noise cancellation mode, which completely blocks out all noises, and transparency mode. This allows you to still hear your surroundings while listening to music. They are definitely worth the investment with all their cool features. So we’ve rounded up five other affordable overhead headphone options, making it easy for you to listen to your music or podcasts at any price point.

You will find six fashionable accessories and high-quality headphones below.