Fur-getWe have the Winter Olympics. Puppy BowlKeep an eye! 

On Feb. 1, CelebHomes News learned that Discovery+ has an all–new special, Puppy Bowl Presents: The Winter GamesPerfectly timed to the Olympics. We get an exclusive peek at what will be happening when the special premieres February 3.

Hosted by Kym Whitley, five extraordinary teams of trainers and their dogs will face off against each other to see who will be named the top canine athlete in a combo of dog-friendly winter games.

The judges, including 2014 Olympic silver-medalist Gus KenworthyAccording to their skill sets, technique and presentation, they will decide which team takes home the gold. The three rounds include The Freestyle Challenge, Trick Tails and The Agility Showdown.

Whitley declares in the clip, “This your moment to shine. Show the judges you desire the gold.” 

Kenworthy states, “We’re searching for athletes.” “Fun is overrated. I want perfection.” 

Kenworthy, oh my! Simon Cowell of Puppy Bowls