Paramount+ offers us a deal we won’t accept.

In the based-on-real-life-events drama Get the Deal, the streaming platform gives viewers the opportunity to learn about the making of The GodfatherAs told by a Hollywood producer Albert S. Ruddy (Miles Teller). The series details the obstacles the filmmakers had to overcome to get the movie to the big screen, with mafiosos and studio execs opposing the project.

For the mafia, they believed the film would reflect poorly on Italians and the studio simply thought it would be a boring movie. Ruddy, however, had a larger vision. The Godfather, bringing on director Francis Ford CoppolaProducer describes him as “someone who understands Italians”

Coppola is a trusted and reliable Italian actor. Dan Fogler, understands the nuance behind seemingly benign moments. Coppola tells Ruddy, as he prepares to cook in the kitchen: “We must put this in our picture.”

Coppola answers, “No,” “A scene about Families arguing over sauce.”