As it turns out The GodfatherIt was child’s play. 

The trailer Get the DealParamount+’s April 28 premiere of “The Greatest Movie Ever Made” gives viewers a look at the chaos behind one of Hollywood’s most loved movies. 

This limited-edition series tells the true story of Albert S.Ruddy(played By) Miles Teller(), The Oscar-winning Producer of 1972’s Godfather The incredible efforts he had to put in to making the film.

Ruddy tells the studio that he has been reading and lied to them. The GodfatherHe really didn’t know what he was doing. The rest is downhill.

Movie executive Barry Lapidus (Colin HanksRuddy is warned by () that it’s foolish to make the movie.

Ruddy is told by him that “Gangster films are dead”.

Ruddy responds, “This film is not about gangster films.”

You could not know how true these words were.