In recent years, many celebrities have become notorious for decking out their kitchens. Let’s take a look at some of the most stunning celebrity kitchens, and the diverse inspirations behind them.

Selena Gomez

The Spring Breakers actress has opted for a kitchen that looks as though it was extracted from an ancient village in rural Tuscany. It includes a stone pizza oven-esque archway over the stove and a hatched brick cobbled floor, reminiscent of a piazza. The Mediterranean theme is further accented by Greco-Roman white marble counters and wicker baskets, hooked from the ceiling.


Inside Oprah’s $14 million Colorado mansion sits an exceptionally-slick kitchen that harkens back to the refined minimalism of American architecture in the early-‘60s. The room’s unusual key shape is furnished with dark wooden cupboards, like the recording studios of the golden age of soul music. Steel ship beams create a ribcage through the middle of the high ceiling, hinting at the repurposed industry visible in the design of art galleries. Likewise, the room is punctuated by tasteful statuettes and antiques.

Natalie Portman 

The Academy Award-winner’s Montecito residence is equipped with a chic kitchen bar. It lies beneath a veranda on a terrace, overlooking the Pacific ocean. Beside it is a selection of Warhol-era black leather armchairs, encircling a glass coffee table. This is illuminated by a lunar hanging lamp, ideal for summer dinners.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones 

In their kitchen, the Wall Street and Mask of Zorro stars have selected a timeless black color scheme. They’ve installed a classic chessboard linoleum floor, as well as a shimmering counter island, ostentatiously embellished with rococo columns. The stove is complimented by a vogue range hood, in the style of CopperSmith black range hoods.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis’s New York apartment kitchen feels like the antithesis of his action movies. The sleek, Japanese minimalist walnut panels and sparse furniture exude a Zen atmosphere. This is furthered by the sharply designed, mirror-like taps and bowls of citrus fruits. The grace and simplicity of its design foretokens ease and clarity.

Gwyneth Paltrow 

A recipe book author as well as an actress, it comes as no surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow’s LA kitchen is as elegant as it is packed with state-of-the-art appliances. There are distressed wooden planks, like a tailor’s workshop, an English-style range and furniture festooned with industrial, yet regal brass legs. With wide spaces and broad counters, it is undeniably an environment conducive to crafting exceptional gastronomy.

Taylor Swift

Like the textures of her country music, the multi-Grammy-Award-winning singer-songwriter conveys a fittingly rustic, folksy style for a saloon-inspired kitchen. The theme is embodied by a ceiling of log cabin beams and hanging Edward Hopper lamps, in addition to cream, windowed New England crockery cabinets. There is an unpainted brick wall with tall windows, topped by orange and red-striped shades. Due to its size and atmospheric lighting, it could comfortably function as a modest dining room, or an intimate party venue.

Rob Zombie

Blue stained glass, Provençal apricot wallpaper and ‘Canadian Rockies’ wooden cabinets enhance the kitchen of heavy metal singer, horror auteur and cartoonist Rob Zombie. The walls are adorned with glossy posters of his favorite 1930s monster movies. This is juxtaposed against lush flowers in vases; the focal point of every available surface. His interior design style is as imaginative and eclectic as his filmmaking.

Anne Hathaway 

Though horizontally small, Anne Hathaway’s kitchen in New York City may be the most notable among Hollywood actors. It has an 18 foot-high ceiling with a pyramid-shaped skylight. Above the white cabinets is a wine rack built in to the wall, snaking around a corner. The counter space may be minimal, but it’s forgiven by the exceptional artist’s light illuminating the distinctive space.

Seth Rogen

The Canadian actor is known the world-over for his roles in comedy movies like Knocked Up. What makes his kitchen in Hollywood unique is how his counter island has two ascending levels, allowing for greater ease and expedience when preparing food. Beside the Spanish Colonial archway sits an extra-wide refrigerator, framed by wooden cupboards. Storage space is concentrated to shelves situated toward the ceiling, leaving the necessary room for cooking.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

Contrary to the lavishness the public might expect, the kitchen of the iconic musical couple is simple, graceful and practical. In an all-white room, a U-shaped kitchen island with bar stools looks-out on to a terrace of comfy lounge chairs, with a view over the Hollywood Hills. It is of the ilk of environment that encourages relaxation and candor in its Feng shui.

Johnny Depp

The world-famous thespian’s kitchen in LA’s seminal Art Deco Eastern Columbia Building is as Bohemian as his dress sense. The green walls, collaged with low, framed pictures, makes the room look like the most interesting bar of the 1920s. Pipes run parallel to the ceiling, whilst Victorian chandeliers drape over the bar, which is ostensibly repurposed from an old sewing machine. Pots of basil and sage bring fragrance and verdancy in to the room.