For music lovers, Fridays with new music are an exciting and daunting experience. 

This is essentially a week-long holiday when fan favorite artists and new faces drop their latest releases for the entire world to hear. It floods streaming services and digital retail with a flood of audio goodness. It’s hard to find the time to listen and update playlists. You have too many great things! There are also, to be honest, some stinkers.

It turns out that we do. We are The MixtapCelebHomes.

New music has been heard more times than most. AlwaysIt was worth it.

February 25, TygaWith the debut of “FreakyDeaky”, the rapper finally offered fans a glimpse of his forthcoming album. The rapper wasn’t alone for this special occasion. He had his entourage. Doja Cat to create a banger for the weekend.

Tyga stated, “She is an artist.” Zane LoweApple Music 1 It’s easy to work with her.