Taylor Zakhar PerezHe is happy to herald a new age of masculinity on television.

It Kissing BoothThe star has stripped down in honor of his role on HBO Max as Shane Minx, premiering March 17th. This series centers on the creation of an erotic magazine that women could read in 1970s. Perez is a firefighter and quickly rises to the top as the front cover candidate of the issue’s first issue.

The project, obviously, calls for a bunch of male nudity, which is something the 30-year-old actor is embracing. It’s something I support. It’s up to the scene and project, so why not? he told Entertainment Weekly on Feb. 25th. He said, “But I believe just throwing a naked woman or an ass-out boy into the scene and it not making sense is a gratuitous act that takes away from quality content.”

It’s a big shift for Perez, who is best known for locking lips with Joey KingThe second and third Netflix series. The Kissing Booth franchise.