All the ladies want to be infatuated for love. 

Netflix season two Love is Blind is well underway and it seems as though the cast is just as sad as we are for this season to come to a close. Although they will be leaving our screens soon, the cast isn’t saying goodbye the long-lasting friendships and memories that were made.

In fact, in an CelebHomes News exclusive interview, the cast shared that they plan on getting matching tattoos to commemorate their time on the show. The tattoo, you may ask, will be a gold wine glass. Of course, a gold wine glass.

“All the girls wanted to get like tiny goblet tattoos on themselves,” Deepti Vempati CelebHomes News share. Contestant Shaina Hurley added, “We still have to do that.”  

As fans have seen, the cast drinks every thing (and that’s what we mean). EverythingThe gold glasses are now empty. Deepti said, “We have been through so many things.” And we’d always keep all of our drinks inside the gold goblets. We just see it as a symbol.