That November, he admitted to his pal Andy on Andy Cohen Live: Watch the Action that he tuned in for the four-day YouTube live-stream she hosted to promote her fifth album, Witness. John stated, “Yeah. It checked in with me,” John added. “It is definitely strange to watch your ex girlfriend asleep.”

However, he doesn’t mind letting her know when it is he cares. John said, “I see it now as’stand in middle of the water’. It’s as if someone is saying, “I don’t watch that,” and it becomes, “Yes, you do. What do you know? You know what it’s like? I texted Katy Happy Birthday. It was 4 AM. It was like a post-midnight, haven’t-gone-to-sleep-yet, it’s-technically-your-birthday send. It’s so strange to think, “I’d like to wish you a happy birthday right now but will wait till tomorrow morning.” You can be a person man!