This news will make your heart ache.

Nick Jonas? Joe JonasAnd Kevin JonasYou are ready to be a star in Jonas Brothers Family Roast, a one-hour comedy special premiering globally on Netflix Tuesday, Nov. 23.

Jonas Brothers Family Roast“is a one of a kind comedy special of epic proportions which celebrates the universal fact that no one can get underneath your skin quite as well as your own family,” the streaming company announced in a press statement on Monday, October 25. “You’ll be able to see the multi-platinum international superstars the Jonas Brothers like you’ve never seen them before through sketches, songs, games, and special guests–all to give them a roasting they’ll never forget.” 

The JoBros aren’t the only celebrities fans will see on the show. Kenan ThompsonThe roast will be hosted by and Pete Davidson? Niall Horan? Gabriel Iglesias? John Legend? Lilly SinghAnd Jack WhitehallAll three will make guest appearances on the show.

This is Netflix’s inaugural family roast.