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Netflix is your favorite streaming service. Anna InventedYou don’t have to love it or not. But either way, we can all agree that the story about convicted scammer and fake heiress Anna Sorokin is fascinating. What was the other reason this TV show kept us interested? Anna is beautiful, regardless of whether she’s real or fictional.

No one can argue that Fashion Week had an enormous impact. Fashion data analysts at Love The Sales report on the show’s fashion. Anna InventedThere was a 20% increase in the demand for Red Bardot Dresses. The show also saw a 200% increase in demand for red bardot dresses. The demand for “Check-Print Coats,” and “Sequin Dresses” increased. 

According to the show, there are varying accounts of whether the real Anna wore high-end or off-the-rack styles, but we rounded up styles inspired by the show that would fit right in with New York’s elite without breaking your budget.