These 5-star Amazon reviews will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to “keep up” with these klips.

One shopper said, “I purchased these clips to do an initial makeup tutorial for Instagram and everybody was only interested in the clips.” They don’t leave any marks. They’re perfect!”

One hairdresser said that they have used them a few times to style bridal parties who have already had their hair done. The colors look great when you take some photos. They are very helpful in keeping their hair away from their faces and without making a mess. This is a very small, but extremely useful product.”

Amazon Customer wrote: “Absolutely love the hair clips!” This is an essential tool for getting ready. My hair was always done with. I assumed that hair clips didn’t really matter. Since I was 3 times the average hair length, I have always shunned the notion of any clip holding my hair back. But these clips work! These clips are strong enough to hold my hair in place and don’t move once I put them in.

The clips were shared by a fan: “I needed something to hold straightened hair. It doesn’t want to stay straight.” They do the job! These aren’t too tight so it doesn’t crimp my straightened hair. They give you straight, beautiful hair!

One fan said, “Lovely little clips that won’t bend your hair as you apply your makeup.”

One person also said: “Superb product when it comes to applying makeup.” It’s great for when you are in a hurry and your hair doesn’t get in the way.