Season 2 contestant Harper Grae did note, however, that they had a psychologist available for contestants to speak to. 

However, many contestants voiced their discomfort. Insider Choreographers will ask you a lot of questions. Nikki Anders. The second season contestant Abraham LimAnders asked about his sexual identity and he told him. InsiderThey were trying to get an admit of sorts from my side, and I was like, “You’re not going to get anything because I don’t understand.” For a seven-episode story arc, I won’t sell my soul. Glee. I’m still trying to discover who I am.

CelebHomes News reached Out to Anders For Comment, but didn’t get a response.

Pearce shared that Mitchell felt the same pressure when she was filming her music video.Erik WhiteOur video director stated something along the lines of, “In this next take kiss Cameron. It’s what we need,'” Pearce told Insider. “The moment I saw Cameron’s face and pulled away, I knew I was being played.”