This is the story of Michelle CarterThis is no easy job.

Michelle, who was convicted for involuntary killing in the death of her boyfriend in 2014. Connor Roy III in what would infamously become known as the “texting suicide case” by the general public, has her story told in the Hulu limited series Plainville’s Girl

The series isn’t about vilifying Michelle—who became a lightning rod of controversy after Conrad’s death and during the subsequent trial—but rather an attempt to humanize her plight.

The executive producer of the series says, “You don’t have to feel sympathy for her.” Liz HannahIn an exclusive featurette, she said. We set out to achieve our ultimate goal by putting ourselves in the shoes of her and being able imagine how it was like to go through what she did.

Elle FanningMichelle, for whom she spent nearly two hours every day in the make-up and hair chair, was similarly impressed by Michelle’s grace when handling the story.

Elle stated that there is much written and many articles about Elle. You have to be sensitive to play someone who might watch the show.