Celebrity coworkers may not all have one another’s numbers.

The latest episode of CelebHomes News digital series Down in the DMs, Ne-Yo revealed that one of his former World of Dance co-judges ghosted a message he sent them about collaborating.

“I did DM J.LoHe exclusively disclosed that he had spoken to her once about a song he was writing for her. “I DMed her in the moment because she wasn’t right in my face and I didn’t have her phone number at the time, so I was like, ‘Alright, we’ll see if she’ll respond here.’ It was fine that she didn’t respond, but it’s okay. She’s very busy.

Although Jennifer Lopez did not respond, Ne-Yo had no hard feelings toward his fellow artist…or so it seems.

He joked that it wasn’t like they were friends. He said, “It’s nothing like we did any TV shows together.” It’s fine. It is absolutely fine.

However, the shoe was on the other foot when the Grammy-winner received a DM from singer Chlöe BaileyAbout working together.