Flash news: Danielle PanabakerIs pregnant

She plays Caitlin on the CW’s show as a 34-year old actress The Flash, took to Instagram on Wednesday, Jan. 19, to reveal what’s been making each day just a little more joyful as of late: an upcoming addition to her family. 

She captioned her post, “Can’t keep this to myself anymore.” Swipe to find out what keeps me smiling!

It FlashStar shared two photos. The first photo showed star smiling while she sipped warm beverages and was cozily wearing a turtleneck, thick peacoat and beanie. When viewers swiped to see the second image, they discovered the heartwarming pregnancy reveal: a sweet mirror selfie of Danielle gently cradling her baby bump. 

Danielle posted the same post as well, and also uploaded a video of her smiling, rubbing her belly, on her Instagram Story.

Danielle is now the mother of her second child. Hayes Robbins, who she married in 2017. The couple welcomed their first child together back in April 2020.