Kendall Roy is a free-spirited individual who does whatever he pleases, even if it’s to his detriment. He may be the actor playing him. 

Following the now-famous December New Yorker profile on Jeremy Strong—which detailed his intense acting methods and sparked polarizing reactions—the actor’s Succession co-star Brian CoxAccording to on, the entire article “was Jeremy’s idea.”

In an interview with Deadline, Cox stated that he pushed for the change and people warned him. In a way, it felt like he was being lifted by it. I find it unfortunate.

He said, “I believe he shouldn’t have gone down that path because playing is so addictive.” [his Succession character]Kendall put Kendall in an extremely vulnerable situation.”

Cox, at 75 years old, acknowledges Strong’s brilliant work, but he finds the whole thing exhausting. 

“It’s particularly exhausting to him, but also exhausting to the rest of us occasionally,” he stated. We weather it because it’s something we love and because it is an extraordinary result. But, at the same, it has the double-edged sword.