Have you opened a kitchen cabinet and seen a cobweb in the back corner? Or, even worse, you’re on your way to sleep at night and you see the outline of a spider crawling around on your bed?

Whatever the situation, seeing spiders in your house can be disconcerting. Although they are good for the environment, you don’t want creepy crawlies living in your house! Spiders are meant to be outside, so finding the best way to free your house of spiders and keep your food sanitary, your bathroom clean, and your bedroom stress-free is key to avoiding any unwanted encounters with these insects.

But how do you do this? Do you try to get rid of the spiders on your own? Instead of trying to use insecticide, traps, and other methods by yourself, why not call pest control to get rid of the eight-legged creatures in your house?

If you see spiders walking around your house, you feel a spider drop onto your shoulder from its web in the kitchen, or you notice cobwebs in the corner of your bedroom, it is time to call spider control. Although you might think that you can do the extermination on your own, there are some dangerous spiders out there that can cause some illnesses and intense spider bites if they are not taken care of ahead of time. Let’s see when you should call spider control and why it is essential for you and your family’s overall health and peace of mind.

  • Black widows – Black widows are a type of spider that have a distinctive marking: the red hourglass on their stomach is a stand-out sign that you are dealing with the black widow. If you see this in your house, immediately call spider control. Black widows are an incredibly venomous spider; if you live in North America and you see this black widow, make sure you call a pest control to avoid getting infected with their extremely strong venom.
  • Brown recluse spiders – Recluse spiders are extremely poisonous and dangerous. They are extremely prevalent in the United States and will cause red skin, blisters, intense pain, and open sores that can lead to skin problems in the future.
  • Wolf spiders – You’ll find wolf spiders most often on the ground because they hunt their prey down rather than trapping them in webs. The wolf spider is often mistaken for a brown recluse because of its similar size and coloring. The biggest difference is their eyes; brown recluses have six eyes and wolf spiders have eight. But if you don’t want to get close enough to check, call pest control!
  • Banded orb-weaver – The banded orb weaver spider is large, silver, contains striped legs, and is typically bigger in size than other spiders. Although they are typically not known to bite people, you should still call spider control to get these big creatures out of your house.
  • Hobo spiders – The hobo spider is typically brown, contains long legs, and has a body of around ½ inch long. They’re not particularly frightening, but if there’s a lot of them in your home, it might be because there’s another bug infestation and they’re getting a lot of good meals. Call pest control to make sure there are no other creepy crawlies living in your home!


Have you noticed spiders crawling around your house or webs in the owners of your rooms? If so, it is time to call a spider pest control service – especially if you run into a black widow or recluse spider in your house!