FBoy IslandIn season 2, the heat is on.

HBO Max has released the trailer FBoy IslandSeason two, June 30 – There are plenty of men who look good as leads in season 2. Mia Emani Jones, Louise BarnardAnd Tamaris SepulvedaYou have many options. The 26 male contestants are a distraction to the women who want $100,000. They have dreamy smiles, taut muscles and overall great looks. 

“Half of the men are nice guys and the other half—FBoys,” host Nikki Glaser says in the trailer. “Who is here to love?” “Who’s here to get love? “Who has chlamydia?”

It’s up to Mia, Louise and Tamaris to decide—although, we’re hoping they find out the answer to the third question sooner than later.

At the end of the Cabo holiday, the women will select the most attractive men to be their husbands. If they’re right, the couples will split $100,000, but if they pick wrong, they go home empty-handed and the FBoy gets AllThe money is theirs.