New Raccoon City is not the place we’ll be going back to anytime soon. 

Netflix’s Resident Evil Deadline reported that the series was not renewed after only one season. Although loosely inspired from the game series of same name, the premiere episode debuted on July 14. It did not receive a high ranking on Netflix’s Top 10.

Resident Evil Staring Ella Balinska, Paola Núñez, Lance Reddick and Adeline Rudolph, alternates between two timelines—one following Jade (Balinska)And her sister Billie (Rudolph) as they discover the dark secrets of their father and the villainous Umbrella Corporation, and the other 14 years later as Jade tries to survive the apocalypse. 

The Resident Evil Games were once adapted by Paul W.S. Anderson into a movie series. Six of his films were released from 2002 through 2016. Milla Jovovich Alice is a covert agent who fights against the Umbrella Corporation. Netflix has also previously adapt the film. Resident Evil A 2021 animated series incorporating games Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.