However, the Duffer Brothers don’t want to turn it upside-down just yet.

Keep an eye out for Stranger Things‘ season four premiere, Matt And Ross DufferThe couple confirmed that they already have ideas for spin-off series. In an email interview, they stated that “We have an idea for spinoffs” and were very excited to share it with us. Variety,“But we haven’t yet told anyone about the idea, and even less wrote it.”

Ross and Matt admitted, despite their best efforts to surprise the world. Finn Wolfhard already guessed the premise of the series, which they described as “very, very different.”

They concluded, “Aside Finn and no one else knows!”

It will be a while before the show is pitched to Netflix. They have other priorities. This is the final and fifth season of Stranger Things.

According to their brothers, they are currently writing season 5, but it will take less time than season four. “Don’t let us hold you back, the gap between seasons should be shorter, because we have an outline and can’t see how there’ll be another six month forced hiatus.”