Daniels transport viewers to another dimension.

Showtime revealed Aug. 1, that it will acquire the You can have everything at onceFor writers Daniel ScheinertAnd Daniel Kwan, a.k.a. The Daniels, are directing and executive producing the new half-hour comedy Mason. Steven Yeun will star in the titular role, alongside comedian Nathan Min

The series is based on Min’s real-life experiences, with Showtime describing the show as a “surrealist comedy about a quiet man named Nathan, often misheard as ‘Mason,’ seeking connection in a loud world.”

After the successes of Scheinert’s and Kwan, Showtime announces its new network. You can have everything at onceA24 recently celebrated the $100m mark with a film called ‘The Last of Us. The film, a genre-blending story about generational trauma, is already a frontrunner in the 2023 Oscars race. 

Showtime executives were quoted in a press release. Amy Israel Daniels have been hailed as “a force” by the critics. “With their mind-bending films that can revolutionize what was possible on screen, they’ve emerged as a force,” he said.Mason Our viewers have every opportunity to see a hilarious and cathartic comedic comedy.”