Karol GYou just left her famous blue hair behind.

After telling fans July 31 that she was ready to switch up her hairstyle, the “Provenza” singer unveiled her dramatic transformation a day later on Instagram. Karol smiled wide as she showcased her bright red hairstyle in the video that was posted Aug. 1. 

Her bright, long hair was a big hit with Ariel. The Little Mermaid vibes. She made the comparison on TwitterAs well.

“Two weeks of being in love with seeing myself in the mirror and not being able to show it,” she captioned her post in Spanish, which has been translated to English. So, say to me when you pass me on the street: “EaAaaaaaa Maria BeebEee your red hair looks beautiful.”

In the video, Karol explained that this is the first time she’s rocked red hair, adding that she was “so happy” with her makeover.