The D’Amelio showIt is determined that blood is more thick than water. 

The teaser trailer for the second season of their Hulu reality show, Sisters CharliAnd Dixie D’AmelioYou can be honest with yourself about fame, your relationships, and the pressures that come from being in public. 

“We’re doing such amazing things as a family,” Charli says, but she also acknowledges that life hasn’t always been dance trends and Dunkin’ runs for the TikTok superstars admitting, “there was a lot going on under the surface.”

The D’Amelios will always be there for each other, no matter what. 

Dixie, wiping away Charli’s tears, says “We’re sister.” She’ll always be there for me. “She’ll always be there for me.”

However, they don’t mind a little drama. 

If the girls want to go out with their parents for dinner, Marc and Heidi D’AmelioMarc, their dad, tells them that he hopes they get along. Charli replies, “I wish we don’t. It will make for great TV.”

That’s difficult to disagree with.