Court docs reveal that Katharina also accused Lisa of making threats to deport her to Austria. However, as part of her statement to CelebHomes, Katharina claimed she’s “not the only victim of Lisa’s actions, as Lenny is as well.”

More specifically, Katharina said Lisa is making “false allegations” so she can “gain an advantage over Lenny in the divorce proceedings.”

Calling him “a good father” to the two children he shares with Lisa, she added, “[Lenny]Lisa did not expose me to his children, and he always kept his family safe. That is something I understand and will do my best to help Lenny achieve his goals by staying away from his children, despite Lisa’s claims.”

Lisa stated that she will continue to work on protecting her physical and emotional health, as well as my reputation and business relationships. Lisa also plans to live a happy life with her boyfriend.

It appears that the couple are doing just this. Louisa WarwickKatharina’s publicist, and founder of Social Acceleration Group told CelebHomes News exclusively that Leny recently visited Katharina’s hometown in Austria.